GeoNumerics participates in the 3rd and 4th edition of the "UAV Remote Sensing Principles" Course

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GeoNumerics is glad to announce its participation in the course "UAV Remote Sensing principles" organized by CATUAV that will be held in Collsuspina (Catalonia, Spain) on 1st - 5th June 2015 (3rd edition) and on 8th - 12th June 2015 (4th edition). Dr. Colomina, Chief Scientist Officer at GeoNumerics, will be one of the invited lecturers, in charge of introducing the principles and trends of UAV-based photogrammetry.

"UAV Remote Sensing principles" is a one week course that will give you a broad overview of state of the art remote sensing techniques using UAV aerial imagery. A broad board of top level UAV professionals and researchers has been invited to share their knowledge and experience on a wide variety of UAV and remote sensing related topics. The theory is combined with real applications case studies presented by the professionals that carried them.

The H2020 mapKITE project, coordinated by GeoNumerics, kicks off and begins its activity

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On March 11th, the kick-off meeting of the Horizon 2020 project mapKITE will take place in Castelldefels, Spain. The project will be driven by a consortium of ten members from six different countries, and will be coordinated by GeoNumerics. MapKITE is one of the nineteen projects funded by the European Global navigation Satellite system Agency (GSA), as an Innovation Action (IA) under the topic GALILEO-2-2014.

Diving into the technicalities of the proposed concept, mapKITE is a new mobile, terrestrial and aerial, geodata collection and mapping paradigm. Geodata acquisition in mapKITE is accomplished by a tandem terrestrial-aerial mapping system based on a terrestrial vehicle (TV) and on an unmanned aircraft (UA), both equipped with remote sensing payloads. In the mapKITE paradigm, the UA will follow the TV at an approximate constant flying height above ground while geodata are acquired simultaneously from the TV and the UA. The final product is high resolution, oriented, calibrated and integrated images of a corridor and its environment.

General Administrator of GeoNumerics appointed: welcome to Marta Agudo

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Marta Agudo joined GeoNumerics on March 16th as our new General Administrator. Agudo is a welcome addition to our team and brings with her a wealth of experience in geomatic project management and administration.

Ms. Agudo has a strong technical background as she graduated in Mathematics at the University of Barcelona (UB, Barcelona, Spain) and subsequently specialized in remote sensing, as a research assistant and researcher, at the Institute of Geomatics (IG, Castelldefels, Spain). Later on, she joined the company Altamira Information (AI, Barcelona, Spain). Through her period at the IG and AI, Ms. Agudo became and expert in Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (InSAR) technology and its applications to ground motion monitoring. Later on she joined again the IG where she started her management professional period.

Welcome to Pere Molina, our new Advanced Applications Programme Manager

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GeoNumerics today announced the appointment of Mr. Pere Molina as its Advanced Applications Programme Manager.

Up to now, Molina was a researcher at the Centre Tecnològic de Comunicacions de Catalunya (CTTC, Castelldefels, Spain) since the beginning of 2014, following his period between 2007 and 2013, as a research assistant and researcher, at the Institute of Geomatics (IG).

"I am happy to welcome Pere Molina to lead our advanced applications group," said Ismael Colomina, Chief Scientist of GeoNumerics. "Pere is an expert in multi-sensor orientation and navigation including satellite, inertial, photogrammetric and laser measurements. He has led various complex Spanish and European research and development (R&D) projects. He has a broad view of geomatics and navigation technology and masters the art of communicating scientific and technology concepts."