GENA: Generic Extensible Network Approach

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GENA is a robust non-linear least-squares generic network adjustment engine. With GENA, geodetic networks, photogrammetric and remote sensing blocks and any other type of network can be adjusted. Observations of different types can be arbitrarily combined into single large adjustments.

GENA is, as well, a simulation tool. It can be used to help design geomatic measurement instruments; in particular, remote sensing sensors and multi-sensor systems. It can be used to help design measurement campaigns.


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WebTopGPS is a software system that lets differential GPS data sets to be remotely processed by Trimble's Pathfinder Office software.

Internet distributed computing is one alternative to the current dominant practice of local computing. Internet computing requires both general computer/network systems and specific domain knowledge. Getting legacy SW to run in the Internet is possible and, sometimes, the optimal —or even, the only— solution under time or budget restrictions.

However, optimal performance and maintenance are achieved through distributed architectures whose design requires a multidisciplinary team with intimate knowledge of the application domain. The application’s domain knowledge is necessary to define the building components of the distributed application in a proper way. Typical components of geo-applications are georeference frame servers. geoid servers, coordinate transformation servers, elevation data servers, etc.