Research and advanced projects

uVISION: a new concept for the acquisition, processing and representation of geoinformation

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uVISION (pronounced "microvision") was a project to test, validate and demonstrate the concept of airborne mapping from unmanned aerial systems (UAS).

uVISION started as a Brazilian-Spanish cooperation project under the international Iberoeka program that was later jointly funded the Spanish PROFIT program and by the Catalan CIDEM agency. The project involved three research and development centers and five private companies. In uVISION, a prototype system for an unmanned helicopter and its application to Earth Observation and geoinformation acquisition was developed and tested. In the remote-sensing payload, a medium format photographic camera, a tactical-grade inertial measurement unit (IMU) and a dual frequency geodetic-grade GPS receiver were integrated on a small unmanned aircraft (UA) of the helicopter type.