GeoNumerics is a small team with a long experience dedicated to geomatics

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GeoNumerics is a small company of expert geomaticians of various scientific, technical and management backgrounds. We provide consultancy services, sell software components and conduct research-and-development (R&D) projects. We focus on the needs and technology of high precision kinematic surveying; sensor orientation and calibration, trajectory determination and their integration.

GeoNumerics is a R&D-intensive company.

These are some of the reasons to hire our services and use our products: we know geomatics; we enjoy a world class experience; we have no "B" teams, we transparently cooperate with others; we listen to and learn from our customers; we try to be objective and realistic.

We can help you model your multi-sensor system

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We can work with you in the derivation and analysis of sensors models for further simultaneous estimation of orientation and calibration parameters of homogeneous (mono-sensor) or heterogeneous (multi-sensor) data sets. We can introduce you to the methods of network modeling.

With GENA you can model your multi-sensor system

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GENA is the acronym of Generic Extensible Network Approach, a geomatic software platform where you can run our models and your models. With GENA you can develop, refine and validate your own models, you can run simulations to design your sensors and to optimize your missions.

We can help you orient & calibrate your images

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We can help you to compute the orientation and calibration parameters of your images. We can help you understand what software does and what its results mean. We can help you educate your geomatic data processing staff. We can guide you through your first GENA computations.

With GENA you can orient & calibrate your images

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GENA is not just a design tool. GENA can estimate orientation and calibration parameters from large data sets of measurements. GENA can deal with geodetic networks, with photogrammetric and remote sensing blocks, with LiDAR scenes, and with any other type of geomatic network data.

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