About us

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GeoNumerics primary goal is to develop state-of-the-art geomatic software and deliver outstanding services to the geomatic community.

We value:

  • scientific and technical excellence,
  • consistency and detail,
  • reliability and commitment,
  • creativity and innovation,
  • honesty,
  • teamwork,
  • trust and respect.

Knowledge base

  • Years of experience in software development for geomatic applications,
  • fundamental geomatics technology,
  • numerical algorithmic,
  • network modeling and adjustment,
  • precise geodetic positioning with GPS and GPS/INS for airborne photogrammetry and remote-sensing applications,
  • single sensor orientation and calibration,
  • multi-sensor system calibration and orientation: frame cameras, line cameras, airborne LiDAR, mobile LiDAR, ...

Two fundamental beliefs

Modern companies shall make a profit, but profit from work that benefits their customers and humanity.
— Anonymous

Men and women want to do a good job, a creative job, and if they are provided the proper environment, they will do so.
— William R. Hewlett