General Administrator of GeoNumerics appointed: welcome to Marta Agudo

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Marta Agudo joined GeoNumerics on March 16th as our new General Administrator. Agudo is a welcome addition to our team and brings with her a wealth of experience in geomatic project management and administration.

Ms. Agudo has a strong technical background as she graduated in Mathematics at the University of Barcelona (UB, Barcelona, Spain) and subsequently specialized in remote sensing, as a research assistant and researcher, at the Institute of Geomatics (IG, Castelldefels, Spain). Later on, she joined the company Altamira Information (AI, Barcelona, Spain). Through her period at the IG and AI, Ms. Agudo became and expert in Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (InSAR) technology and its applications to ground motion monitoring. Later on she joined again the IG where she started her management professional period.

“I am happy to welcome Ms. Agudo aboard. She combines a long technical and managerial experience; a much needed combination for a research and development (R&D) intensive company like GeoNumerics. I wish her every success in her new position with us." said Ismael Colomina, GeoNumerics' Chief Scientist.

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