GeoNumerics participates in the 3rd and 4th edition of the "UAV Remote Sensing Principles" Course

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GeoNumerics is glad to announce its participation in the course "UAV Remote Sensing principles" organized by CATUAV that will be held in Collsuspina (Catalonia, Spain) on 1st - 5th June 2015 (3rd edition) and on 8th - 12th June 2015 (4th edition). Dr. Colomina, Chief Scientist Officer at GeoNumerics, will be one of the invited lecturers, in charge of introducing the principles and trends of UAV-based photogrammetry.

"UAV Remote Sensing principles" is a one week course that will give you a broad overview of state of the art remote sensing techniques using UAV aerial imagery. A broad board of top level UAV professionals and researchers has been invited to share their knowledge and experience on a wide variety of UAV and remote sensing related topics. The theory is combined with real applications case studies presented by the professionals that carried them.

This course will help the participants to acquire all the knowledge they need to select the UAV system that best suits to their application, correctly operate them and which remote-sensing techniques can be used to obtain information from the images. Those that already have experience working with UAV systems will benefit from learning state of the art techniques, obtaining a broad view of all UAV fields, discovering new applications and performing networking with other participants from around the world.

GeoNumerics (Castelldefels, Catalonia, Spain) is a research and development (R&D) intensive small-and-medium-enterprise (SME) company specialised in geomatics and accurate navigation.

CATUAV (Moià, Catalonia, Spain) is a small company focused on the operation and continuous development of series of customizable UAV airframes, sensor integration and stabilization systems, novel and green propulsion strategies and flight control systems.