GeoNumerics is hiring: looking for software engineers

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We invite applications for this position to be submitted to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with reference SWE-2021-01.

We will value:

Academic background. The following degrees or studies are equivalent:
- The first two courses of a STEM degree (science, technology, engineering -electrical, aeronautics, industrial, civil,...-)
- Experience (minimum 2 years) and training in computer science for the development and integration of technical applications. (Having obtained the degree is not a requirement, but knowledge of the courses and subjects passed must be accredited.)

Knowledge of programming languages
- C, C++, Python
- Matlab and Simulink
- experience in real-time systems

Knowledge of software development enviroments
- Visual Studio, eclipse or related

Knowledge of/familiarity with OS
- Windows and Linux
- Real-time operating systems

Knowledge of software documentation/management tools and quality technical typsetting
- doxygen
- Redmine, GitHub or related
- LaTeX,
- office tools

Knowledge of English for:
- the production of quality software documentation
- the reading of technical documents
- communicating with customers, suppliers and collaborators

Knowledge/experience in the fields of geomatics and/or navigation will be valued, both technically and as a software user.

We offer:

- Joining an international team and participating in advanced R&D projects in the fields of geomatics, drone navigation, aircraft and autonomous vehicles.
- Personal-professional development  in areas of rapid current and future growth
- Flexible working hours
- Full-time or part-time dedication, depending on interest and tasks to be covered by the candidate
- Salary to be negotiated based on proven professional experience, working hours and/or tasks to be covered by the candidate.

Deadline for applications


About GeoNumerics

GeoNumerics (GN, Barcelona and Castelldefels, Spain, is a small team with a long experience devoted to geomatics. GN develops software and designs solutions for geodetic, navigation and remote sensing applications.

GeoNumerics participates regularly in European and international research and development projects and provides software tools to international players in the field of geomatics.

About geomatics and navigation

Geomatics is the science, the technology and the art of acquiring, storing, processing and delivering geoinformation. Navigation is knowing where you are in real time; i.e., is real-time positioning.

Geomatics, as a whole, is a new interdisciplinary field that includes geodesy, photogrammetry, remote sensing and cartography. Geomatics and navigation have been historically related through shared challenges and tools like positioning, time keeping and map making. Geodesy can be seen as a sub-discipline of mathematics and Earth sciences; modern photogrammetry is sometimes seen as a branch of computer vision; modern cartography is based on traditional map-making knowledge but also on computer graphics and information science.